Wednesday, May 04, 2005


A Typical Morning

This is my first attempt at creating a blog. It wasn't my intention a half hour ago. All I wanted to do is send a comment to the ranch101 blog. But the site said I had to first create an account. It led to this.

Since it's past 10 AM and I'm typing in my niteshirt, which is a typical event in the morning, I'm making this my first attempt at blogging. At night, I weakly resolve to get an early start in the morning so I will get dressed and go out for a walk -- good for this aging body. But in the morning, I open the door, get the paper, wake husband to make coffee (he has the measuring down to a science) and work on the NY Times puzzle. By the time the puzzle is done, the coffee swallowed and e-mail read, it is no longer morning.

My conclusion: a change in my daily activities won't happen unless I make a change in my daily activities.

Hi! Glad to see you again.
Hi mom!!
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