Thursday, June 28, 2018


Kent on Thurs.

Liz and I had a fairly good visit with Kent.  He was more alert than yesterday.  While we were there, Katie, the residential care-giver, was in the room telling us about all her animals she has at home.  She is considering bringing in her male duck to visit the foster home residents some day.  Kent seemed very interested in hearing about how the duck became a very tamed pet.  I want to see her duck and at a later time, her miniature goats too.

I liked seeing Kent so responsive.  He was even making jokes.  Mostly he uses facial expressions with just a few words.  He still has beautiful blue eyes and today I go to see them wide open.

All for now.  Liz and I are dining out with some friends from Corvallis.

Thank you for all your good thoughts.

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