Monday, July 02, 2018


Sleeping More

Kent is sleeping more of the time.  Swallowing is a bit difficult, so he only eats a little and sips water and nutritional drinks throughout the day.  He likes when I hold his hand and talk to him, but he wasn't fully alert today.  He still is a sweetie.  I miss Liz being with me when I visit Kent, because she distracted me from my sadness.

One of the residential care-givers at Kent's foster home broke her ankle today, so the owner has to scramble to find a temporary replacement.  She is filling in for the meantime.  She hadn't tripped or fallen, just must have stepped wrong.  She has some kind of chronic ailment that might have affected her muscle or joint.  She's only in her early 20's too.

Tomorrow is bath day for the 2 residents in Hospice Care (Kent included).  I like that it breaks the time up.  I've been told that sometimes Kent has slept through it.  I hope when he is awake that he likes the feeling of warm water on his skin.

All for now.  I hope all of my readers are taking good care of themselves.

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