Friday, July 06, 2018


Time is probably close for Kent

I just got a call from Kent's care-giver.  He is breathing with difficulty, so Hospice will be giving him morphine as needed.  I will be going there soon, so he isn't alone.  I thought he was having trouble yesterday too.  I will tell Kent that all his family and friends love him.

Kent was still sleeping when I left at 8 Fri. night. I don't think he knew I was there. He is on his last journey. I will post to let you know when he passes. Then I hope to talk to all of you in person soon, but not all on the same day. Besides being sad, I feel bewildered. Even though I have read many articles about things to do when someone dies, I feel like I won't know what to do. Since I am a Virgo and only like little details, I find myself wondering what to do with Kent's old sports jacket. It looks okay, but hasn't been dry-cleaned in a long time. Do I donate it as is? I am not going to pay for dry-cleaning now. Should I just put all his clothes in a big bag and donate them? Or do I have to launder them all first? Definitely not ironing. See what I mean -- lots of details.
Mom, I'll help you. You can call me about any details you get stuck on (or email if you prefer.) About the clothing: smell each clothing item. If it doesn't smell too bad, put in the bag. If it smells bad, wash it first. No dry cleaning. The thrift stores don't have the means to wash things, but most people who buy stuff there will wash it before wearing it. So you don't want to donate something that will make the store smell bad, but if it's just a bit dusty or something, it's ok to donate w/o washing. This is my opinion and how I treat my clothing donations.

Thanks Liz. I'm going along with your method.

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